20 Questions to Help Your Child Discover Their Unique Talents

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At LuluBee and Kewi, we are dedicated to empowering children as they embark on their unique journeys of self-discovery. We believe that every child is a precious creation of the Most High God, and it is our mission to remind them of their inherent worth and potential. Our Heavenly Father has endowed each child with unique talents and abilities, and sometimes, they just need a little guidance and support to recognize and develop these gifts.

Why is Self-Discovery Important for Kids?

As children grow, they may encounter moments of self-doubt or struggle to identify their strengths and passions. This is where our one-on-one activities and guidance come into play. By spending quality time with a child and helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves, we can pave the way for a brighter future. Our approach is focused on active listening, meaningful engagement, and setting a strong foundation for goal-setting.

20 Questions to Help Your Child Discover Their Unique Talents:

  1. What activities make you feel the happiest?

    • Example: "I feel happiest when I'm drawing or painting."
  2. What subjects do you excel in at school?

    • Example: "I'm really good at math and love solving problems."
  3. What books or stories do you enjoy reading the most?

    • Example: "I love adventure books and can't put them down."
  4. What games do you like to play with your friends?

    • Example: "I enjoy playing soccer and being part of a team."
  5. When you have free time, what do you like to do?

    • Example: "I like to experiment with cooking and try new recipes."
  6. Do you have any hobbies that you're passionate about?

    • Example: "I'm passionate about playing the guitar and writing songs."
  7. What makes you feel proud of yourself?

    • Example: "I feel proud when I help others and see them smile."
  8. Is there something you've always wanted to learn?

    • Example: "I've always wanted to learn how to code and build websites."
  9. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

    • Example: "I love listening to classical music, it soothes my soul."
  10. Do you enjoy being outdoors or indoors more?

    • Example: "I feel more connected to nature, so I love being outdoors."
  11. What do you find yourself daydreaming about?

    • Example: "I often daydream about exploring new places and cultures."
  12. Are there any famous people you admire? Why?

    • Example: "I admire Elon Musk because he's innovative and driven."
  13. What do you think your friends appreciate most about you?

    • Example: "My friends say I'm a good listener and always supportive."
  14. Is there a subject or topic you like to talk about the most?

    • Example: "I love discussing environmental issues and how we can help."
  15. What do you enjoy creating or building?

    • Example: "I like building model airplanes and crafting with my hands."
  16. What challenges or problems do you feel passionate about solving?

    • Example: "I want to find ways to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans."
  17. Are there any skills you've always wanted to improve?

    • Example: "I want to improve my public speaking skills."
  18. Do you enjoy helping others? In what ways?

    • Example: "I volunteer at the local shelter to help those in need."
  19. What kind of movies or documentaries captivate your interest?

    • Example: "I'm fascinated by space documentaries and the mysteries of the universe."
  20. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

    • Example: "I would want to bring more awareness to animal rights and conservation."

At LuluBee and Kewi, we understand that each child is on a unique path of self-discovery. Our one-on-one activities and personalized guidance are designed to help them unearth their hidden talents and passions. By empowering children to explore their interests, we aim to nurture future leaders who are confident in their abilities and driven to make a positive impact on the world. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery!