Baja Baby Collection


The Natural elements combined with colorful cultural elements make this Boho, Mexican-Cali Cactus Trend the perfect unique look for your home.

Boho by LuluBee + Kewi is a good vibe of beach living, southwest tones + gypsy whimsy care free style. Natural elements including watercolor cactus, succulent prints, beach towels + bags. All unique works of art.

The humble, prickly cactus has entered our hearts in a sweet way.  The sculptural shape of the cactus lends itself so well to all kinds of home decor from rugs to wallpaper + everything in between. + these decor items are just the thing for a kids room. Offered to you in a safe + modern way. Here are some of the coolest cactus-themed things to bring a dose of desert chic to your kid’s bedrooms.

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  • Original Hand Illustration Designed by Catherine Cortes, an American artist known for designing pieces for LuluBee and Kewi Collection. ©2016