Assist Children in Self-discovery

By Catherine Cortes

Welcome to – Nurturing Young Saints in Our Community

At, we are committed to the spiritual and personal growth of children in our community. As children embark on their journey of self-discovery, we believe it's crucial to remind them of their divine identity as Children of the Most High God. Our Heavenly Father has endowed each of them with unique talents and qualities, and sometimes, they just need a little guidance and encouragement to realize their full potential.

Why it Matters

Children often grapple with self-identity and their place in the world. It's during these formative years that they require the support and guidance of caring adults. By spending quality one-on-one time with a child and helping them gain a deeper understanding of who they are, we can lay the groundwork for a bright future. Listening to a child allows them to articulate their thoughts and feelings, helping them gain clarity and self-confidence. It's a powerful way to set a strong foundation for goal-setting and personal growth.

How We Help

Our approach at focuses on hands-on activities and meaningful interactions to help children discover their unique talents and foster personal development. Here are some examples of how we assist children in their journey of self-discovery:

  1. Crafting and Creativity: Engaging in arts and crafts activities to nurture creativity and self-expression. For instance, making personalized artwork or crafting unique jewelry.

  2. Nature Exploration: Encouraging kids to explore nature and connect with the world around them. Nature walks, bird-watching, or planting a small garden are wonderful options.

  3. Storytelling Sessions: Creating a safe space for children to share their thoughts and feelings through storytelling. This can be done through traditional storytelling or writing their own stories.

  4. Cooking Adventures: Teaching kids basic cooking skills and encouraging them to experiment with ingredients. Baking cookies, making homemade pizza, or whipping up a batch of pancakes together.

  5. Music and Movement: Exploring music through singing, dancing, or learning to play musical instruments. This can be as simple as singing their favorite songs together or trying out a new instrument.

  6. Goal Setting: Guiding children to set age-appropriate goals, whether it's completing a puzzle, reading a certain number of books, or learning a new skill like riding a bike.

  7. Acts of Kindness: Instilling the value of kindness and empathy by engaging in acts of service within the community, such as volunteering at a local shelter or writing letters to seniors in nursing homes.

  8. Science Adventures: Conducting simple science experiments that encourage curiosity and critical thinking. Building a volcano model or growing crystals are great options.

  9. Exploring Hobbies: Introducing kids to various hobbies like painting, photography, or even coding, allowing them to discover their interests.

  10. Outdoor Adventures: Organizing outdoor activities like picnics, camping trips, or stargazing nights to connect with nature and the universe.

By engaging in these activities, children not only learn more about themselves but also build essential life skills, grow in confidence, and develop a sense of purpose. At, we're dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of our community, one child at a time.