Cross Bead Bracelet Philippians 2:8
Cross Bead Bracelet Philippians 2:8
Cross Bead Bracelet Philippians 2:8

Cross Bead Bracelet Philippians 2:8

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Discover the Divine Grace of Healing with LULUBEE and Kewi's Cross Bead Bracelet

Embrace a touch of spiritual elegance and holistic well-being with our Cross Bead Bracelet, thoughtfully inscribed with the empowering scripture from Philippians 2:8. This exquisite piece is meticulously crafted, featuring a central charm of magnetite stone, measuring 14mm by 17mm, which is known for its grounding properties and connection to the earth's magnetic field. Encircling this mesmerizing stone are 8mm beads crafted from volcanic rock, celebrated not only for their unique aesthetic but also for their healing benefits. Volcanic beads are believed to harness the earth's energy, promoting strength, courage, and resilience, making this bracelet not just a statement of faith but also a source of personal empowerment.

Each bracelet is designed to offer an unparalleled gifting experience. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, offering a token of gratitude, or sending a message of love and support, this bracelet is a gift that carries deep meaning. Accompanied by a customizable message card, available for print on both the front and back, your heartfelt words will add a personal touch that complements the bracelet's symbolic significance.

Let the Cross Bead Bracelet from LULUBEE and Kewi be a beacon of faith, healing, and personal strength, embodying the perfect harmony between spirituality and the natural healing energies of the earth.

.: One size: 2.25" (57.2mm) diameter
.: Elastic bracelet with 8mm volcanic stone beads
.: 14mm x 17mm magnetite stone charm

  Brown PU Leather Box LED Box Textured Magnetic Box
Box height, in 1.50 1.57 1.65
Box width, in 3.54 3.94 3.54
Box length, in 3.54 3.94 3.54
Bracelet diameter, in 2.25 2.25 2.25
Inner circumference, in 6.25 6.25 6.25
Outer circumference, in 8.50 8.50 8.50