Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap
Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap

Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap

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Give the Gift of Love, the Gift of Healing and the Gift of Life with this Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap: Transform Your Health with Red Light Therapy and Electric Heating Pads

Are you looking for effective solutions to alleviate muscle pain, joint inflammation, and promote overall well-being? Look no further! Our innovative products harness the power of red light therapy and infrared heated therapy to provide you with ultimate relief and recovery.

Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap:

Say goodbye to knee, back, shoulder, waist, and muscle pain with our wearable Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap. Designed to target key areas of discomfort, this versatile wrap is your go-to solution for pain relief and cell rejuvenation. Whether you suffer from arthritis, joint inflammation, or simply need muscle soreness relief, our wearable wrap has got you covered. Experience the benefits of red light therapy for your body's vitality.

Electric Heating Pads with Multicolor Therapy:

Experience unparalleled comfort and healing with our Electric Heating Pads. These pads are a game-changer for those seeking relief from arthritis and knee pain. Our pads come with the added benefits of red, green, and blue light therapy, enhancing your overall health.

Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap Product Highlights:

Fast-heating electric knee pad: Provides rapid relief for knee arthritis pain and injury recovery.

Versatile Usage: Can be used on calves, thighs, and arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps.

Multiple Therapeutic Functions: Relieves knee pain associated with various conditions, aids in recovery, and offers warmth when needed.

Cold Therapy Option: Comes with a built-in mesh bag for optional cold compress therapy.

Heat Settings:

 Highest (Red): 111.2℉/44℃ for prolonged use

Medium (White): 105.8℉/41℃ for extended comfort

Lowest (Blue): 100.4℉/38℃ for a mild, soothing warmth

(Note: Higher heat levels can be achieved when connected to a power bank with an output current exceeding 500mA.)

User-Friendly Instructions:


Long-press the switch for 3 seconds to power on.

The product will activate when plugged in, with indicator lights turning off after 0.5 seconds.

Full heating is indicated by a red breathing pattern light.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the product automatically switches to 70% heating with a white light.

A single press of the switch sets the heating to 45% with a blue light.

To power off, long-press the switch for 3 seconds.

Revitalize your health and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology with our Red Light Therapy Infrared Wrap and Electric Heating Pads. Say goodbye to pain and discomfort – embrace a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle today!